Residencias para artistas en Helsinki (prácticas sonoras o performativas)


Fecha límite de propuestas: 15 de enero de 2016.

M-cult calls for art projects to be realized during residencies in Helsinki.
The call is open for both international and Finnish artists who work with participation, collaboration and media.
In 2016, 2 full residencies (2 months) and 3-4 mini residencies (2 weeks) will be produced.

We are especially interested in art projects that:
* engage with people, communities or institutions in Helsinki in creation of the work
* use media / digital technology in an inventive, collaborative way

The main focus of the residencies is on collaborative media art. We especially welcome socially engaged or public art projects that relate to digital media or technology as tool, platform or concept. We are delighted to receive proposals that are multidisciplinary and combine practices of visual, sound or performing arts.

The location for most of the residency projects produced in 2016 is Maunula in north Helsinki. Maunula is a neighbourhood built in the 1950´s with a diverse population, lots of forest and a strong culture of democracy. More information on Maunula here.

The residency projects include the creation of a new work (full residency) or an adaptation of existing work (mini residency). The production process will be realized in collaboration with local agents and the results are shared with audiences at the end of the residency period.

As co-producer of the residency project, m-cult will support the artist through the process and facilitate the work with local groups. The process will be carefully documented by m-cult in collaboration with the artist.

The selected artists receive a fee of 4000 € (full residency) / 1000 € (mini residency). Taxes will be deducted from the fee; for international artists the tax at source is 15%.

There is a production budget to cover material and other costs; the scope of the budget will be negotiated with each selected artist.

Accommodation is provided and travel costs are covered for artists coming from outside of Helsinki.

Deadline for proposals: Submit your proposal via this electronic form by January 15, 2016.

Please do not email separate documents at this stage but try to describe your project in detail via the electronic form and web links!

Notification: All applicants will be notified on the decisions by February 1, 2016.

The first residencies start in April-May 2016.

The selections will be made by the collaborative art team at m-cult – Arttu Merimaa, Jussi Koitela, Kaisa Kukkonen and Minna Tarkka.
Before the final decisions, the jury will consult artists and local partners to evaluate project feasibility and budget.

For more information or questions, contact producer Kaisa Kukkonen –

The residency projects are produced by m-cult within the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (2015-18) supported by Creative Europe. The residency projects in Maunula will be realized thanks to a special “Helsinki model” grant from the Helsinki City Cultural Office.

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