International Knopf Competition 2016 para Violin, Viola y Violoncello


Plazos: Viola y Violoncello – 4 marzo 2016, Violín – 1 Abril 2016.

The International Knopf Competition for Violin, Viola and Violoncello supports and promotes talented, young musicians, music students, soloists, and prospective orchestral musicians through competition and with its prestigious awards. The winners of the competition are awarded a one-year loan of a KNOPF Master Bow. The competition is named after the famous dynasty of bow manufacturers, Knopf (1767-1939). These masterly crafted bows are sought-after collector’s items and were used by such virtuoso soloists as Ole Bull and Joseph Joachim.

International Knopf Competition prizes:

  • the one-year loan of a KNOPF master bow
  • a solo recital in a concert series of The Anton Rubinstein International Music Academy
  • a scholarship to study at the International Music Academy Anton Rubinstein/Conservatorio di Musica “Giacomo Puccini” in La Spezia/Italy
  • further exclusive prizes provided by Thomastik Infeld Vienna
  • Furthermore, in 2016 , the Blatow Foundation will be awarding the one-year use of a violin bow from the French Master Eugène Startory

Entry Conditions:

  1. The International Knopf Competition 2016 is organised by the International Music Academy Anton Rubinstein in Düsseldorf and takes place in the academy’s premises on 8 & 9 April 2016 (Viola and Violoncello) and 6 & 7 May 2016 (Violin).
  1. The competition is open to the public.
  1. The International Music Academy Anton Rubinstein decides about the order of the candidates’ auditions.
  1. Students of all nationalities may take part in this competition.
  1. The registration fee is 50 € and will not be reimbursed, even if the candidate fails to appear.
  1. The registration has to be effected by email and includes the completed registration form, curriculum vitae and a photo.
  1.       The candidates have to present a 20-minute programme of their own choice.
  1.       The candidates may bring their personal piano accompanist. Alternatively, the   piano accompanist can be appointed by the International Music Academy Anton Rubinstein. The fee for the pianist is 60 € (to be paid with the registration fee) and includes a rehearsal of one hour.
  1.       All participants are obliged to attend when the competition’s results are announced.
  2.       With their registration participants authorize the organiser, i.e. the Academy, to use all photo, video and audio material of the competition at its discretion.
  3. The jury’s decision is incontestable.
  4. The jury reserves the right to interrupt the presentation if candidates exceed the 20-minute time limit.
  5. The winners are obliged to perform in the awarded concerts on the terms of the competition’s regulations and according to the arrangements made by the International Music Academy Anton Rubinstein.
  6. With their registration the candidates give their approval to the competition’s regulations.
  7. Registration Deadlines: Viola and Violoncello – 4 March 2016, Violin – 1 April   2016.


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