Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition


Plazo: 20 Abril 2013.

String quartets from all over the world are welcome to apply for the competition which focuses especially on advanced student quartets and young professional quartets. With attractive prizes, both cash prizes and festival engagements in 2014, we hope that the competition can act as a springboard to a further career in chamber music.

The quartets shall participate in three stages:

– The first stage on Tuesday 24 September and Wednesday 25 September
– The second stage on Thursday 26 September
– The final stage on Saturday 28 September
Quartets that do not reach the final will be invited to play in regional concerts.

The application deadline is 20 April 2013.

The quartets choose their program from the repertoire list. See also further competition rules.

Applications to TICC 2013 are accepted through an online process only. The online application is available at the online application form, starting 10 January 2013. We prefer that all attachments are uploaded directly to the online application. Copies of these materials will also be accepted by mail if postmarked no later than 20 April 2013.

Candidates will be selected on the basis of live recordings and references. The selection committee’s decision is final. The applicants will be informed of the selection results by medio May 2013. Music for the commissioned piece will be sent to the contestants at the beginning of June.

TICC offers free lodging in two 2-bed rooms per quartets, as well as breakfast and one hot meal a day. The ensembles are responsible for travel expenses, but can apply for a travel allowance if travel expences for the group exceeds NOK 10 000 for the round-trip.

The competition is held during Trondheim Chamber Music Festival (23 – 29 September). The competition participants have free entry to most of the festival’s concerts The festival has, since its inception in 1996, had young musicians as its main profile. With this competition the festival has taken a further step in inspiring young musicians to play chamber music at a high level.

Visit the festival web page:


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